Cover To Cover …‘This is How We Do It’ (Terri's Book Review Aug. 2)

This morning, you woke up to a big day.
Like most days, you’ll eat breakfast and get ready to leave the house. Every hour is then packed with fun and excitement before you go to sleep in a comfortable bed tonight. Do kids like you live like that in other countries? In “This is How We Do It” by Matt Lamothe, you’ll see.
Meet Romeo from Italy.
He’s 8 years old and lives with his parents and siblings in a house with a vineyard out back. There, he has rock-throwing contests with his friends after school. Romeo loves to eat lasagna for dinner, he likes working on model cars with his father, and he goes to bed covered with a warm down blanket.
Meet Daphine, whose nickname is “Abwooli.”
Daphine is 7 years old and lives in Uganda “in a house made of wood and mud.” At private school, she wears a red T-shirt and green shorts, just like every other student there. Because her school is very far from home, Daphine lives with her grandmother during the week; even so, she walks a half-hour to get to class.
Meet Ananya, who is called “Anu.”
Eight years old, Anu lives in India and helps her mother after school by hanging laundry outside on a line to dry. Dinnertime for her family is at nine o’clock; afterward, Anu likes to play with her sister before bedtime; then, the entire family sleeps together in one huge bed.


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