In search of Black Santas (Jan. 3, 2018)


How long will I leave my Christmas decorations up this year? Perhaps I should leave them up for as long as the Christmas décor was on display in the stores. Let me try and remember…I think I saw the first Christmas tree right after Halloween, if not before. That means I can leave the decorations up until Valentine’s Day. Now all of you know that I have done that before.
I like keeping my Black Santa Claus collection out for as long as possible. I used to be able to find Black Santas in quite a few stores. This year I could not find any. A good friend of mine found a few in Washington, D.C. What’s going on? Have the Black Santas all moved to “Chocolate City?”
Now that the holiday is over I thought I would go in search of Black Santa décor. I started at the brick and mortar stores. I looked at T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, Home Goods and At Home. I came up empty. So I went online and did a search on Black Santa Claus. Bingo! I hit pay dirt, Black Santas everywhere. Well, not everywhere, but enough to make me happy and know that I can get a few more for my collection. I started out with Amazon and yes they have Black Santas in several sizes and price points. There is even a blow-up Santa for the lawn. I then ran across a site called the Black Art Depot on that site; a lot of the Santas were sold out. I hope I was just late to the party and when I go back next year they will be restocked and I can buy all that I want.
The site that I was most impressed with is called “It’s a Black” Not only do they have Black Santas, they have Negro League items, Buffalo Soldier, Tuskegee Airman and more. A lot of the sites also carry Black Christmas cards. Just about anything Black that you may be looking for can be found on this site. Frankly, anything you are looking for can be found on the Internet. It is an amazing place. I am going to order a Santa or two and let you know how it turns out.


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