Who does that? (Jan. 24)


We have all heard of fads and each decade brings a list of crazy things that people do that they think are cool. Way back in the day people were swallowing goldfish. The prize went to the person who could swallow the most. How about this silly fad, cram yourself and about 100 friends into a phone booth or a Volkswagen and have someone take your picture. Some fads become the norm, like piercing and tattoos and sagging pants. Please let that sagging pants fad disappear soon.
The latest fad involves people eating Tide detergent pods. Yes, the ones that you use to do your laundry. When I heard this I couldn’t believe it. What is the point? According to the New York Daily News the “Tide Pods Challenge” is the latest dangerous trend gaining traction with teenagers on social media, sending some to the hospital. Kids have mistaken the laundry pods for candy. The “challenge” requires kids to ingest small laundry detergent packages and post videos of themselves doing so online—many showing the unsurprising side effects of swallowing household cleaners, like choking, gagging and vomiting. In the videos, some kids attempt “cooking” the packs by pan frying them before consumption, sparking the creation of countless memes across the Internet poking fun at the dangerous new game. And there’s even a “Hypothetical edible Tide pods recipe” that requires a baking sheet, Sprite and parchment paper. Swallowing the detergent can also lead to diarrhea and vomiting. The Poison Control Center says to drink a full glass of water or milk if a pod is ingested, not to force yourself to vomit and to contact a doctor immediately.
When I read this I thought this was one of the craziest things I had heard of. Who does this? To add insult to injury I was watching television and I see this commercial where a young White man is in a public bathroom, he eats some Fruit Gushers and then immediately goes to the wall of the bathroom and pours some of the hand soap into his mouth. He says, “ohh that doesn’t taste like a gusher,” after he does that an older Black man pops out of the bathroom stall, he is dressed in a white hat, light grey jacket and white pants and says, “just because it goos doesn’t means its gush, wasting my time.” He then holds a package of the candy Fruit Gushers next to his face and the commercial ends.


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