Where is the off switch? (March 14)


All of a sudden Tiffany Haddish is everywhere and at first it was a good thing. She is the new comedic breakout star of the movie “Girls Trip.” Believe it or not I haven’t seen “Girls Trip” and now I’m not sure I even want to see it. I’m happy it did well at the box office, I always want to see Black movies do well.
Tiffany has been around for a while doing small parts. I ran across a 2005 episode of “That’s So Raven” where she has a small speaking role. You should check it out, it is easy to find. Being a fan of commercials I paid a lot of attention to the Groupon commercials that she stars in. I think they are funny and well done. When you read her bio you find she has had a pretty hard knock life. Allegedly her father tried to kill her and her siblings and her mother by cutting the brakes in the car, but on that day the kids stayed home and only her mother was injured. That accident was the path to her time in the foster care system. Haddish uses her time in foster care as a part of her stand-up act. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good stand-up act but when I saw Haddish on the Oscars doing the “nae nae” and sticking her tongue out I wanted to know, “Girl where is that off switch?” I know all comedians have a style and a signature but somehow that style and signature seemed to be out of place on Oscar night; at times she even seemed to feel uncomfortable.
She has been around for a long time but a lot appears to be happening very fast for the 39-year-old. Reportedly her ex-husband is suing her for defamation of character and talking about her on radio shows. That brother may be looking for a payday. In my best Robin Harris voice, “keep your eye on your money.”
There is a lot on her acting plate, a movie with my fave, Kevin Hart, an upcoming TBS sitcom with Tracy Morgan and how about that Netflix deal. I’m heading to the store now to pick up her memoir, “The Last Black Unicorn.” Tiffany Haddish is someone I want to know more about.
I have another off switch to install and this one is for O.J. Simpson. Just when I thought O.J. was out of the news, this video pops up for that book, “If I did It.” Are you serious, O.J.? You really let someone film you saying this crazy stuff? This man drives me crazy. This video is from 2006 and is a hypothetical confession of how he would have killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. I think if I had been found not guilty of killing two White people I would have hidden out in an undisclosed location until people forgot what I looked like. I’m sure you can find it on YouTube. O.J., you need an off switch.
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