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You don’t need scripted TV when you have news 24/7. In this last week I have gotten the biggest enjoyment out of the news. The coverage of the royal wedding was magnificent. On the day of the wedding I woke up just in time to see Meghan Markle and her mother riding to the church. Actually, I had not intended to watch, but once I tuned in I was hooked. This was better than a “reality show” and it was really real. No fake situations, no pretend fights and no staged meetings. I had to actually pull out a box of tissues. The choir and their ensembles in shades of pink and blue, the cellist, the priest and of course, Meghan’s mother in her mint green dress and coat. Everyone looked beautiful. Well, almost everyone. I thought the dress that Idris Elba’s fiancee wore was more for the office in winter than a royal wedding. But I guess she was going more for a label than a look. I believe in the opposite—“A look, not a label.” Watch out for my book coming out soon with the same title.
After the wedding was over anyone who missed it was able to see all of the high points on every news channel. Even Meghan’s daddy watched it on TV. It’s a shame he could not be there.
The news story that really had me in stiches is the 30-year-old who is being evicted from his parents’ home. This whole story is a hoot. It seems like Michael Rotondo has been living rent free in his parents’ home for eight years. In the past few months his mom and dad have given him at least five written notices to get his butt out but he ignored them so they ended up in court. Let’s look at this. Would you want to continue to stay anywhere you were not wanted? I wouldn’t and when I turned 23, I moved into my own apartment even though my mother wanted me to stay at home forever. What grown man wants to stay at home living off of his parents?
In part I blame the parents. Aren’t you supposed to raise your children to be productive members of society? Don’t you want them to grow up, get a job and move out? Eight years ago they should have laid down the law for Michael. Actually, they should have made the rules clear while he was in high school. They should have told him he needed a job while he was in school and told him he had to start paying for some of his own stuff. I just can’t imagine not wanting to be independent. I saw Rotondo on the news and he said he did not feel he was in the way— he only uses a little water and electricity. If I were the parents I would have run from the courthouse and went home and changed the locks. I think these parents should be very afraid. I can’t wait to hear how this plays out.
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