There’s always a camera (July 4)


Doesn’t there always seem to be a camera somewhere? In some cases in areas where you would least suspect it there is a camera or someone with a phone with a camera. You can’t escape it. With that in mind wouldn’t you think people would begin to behave themselves? But it seems exactly the opposite. If a camera isn’t getting people in trouble it’s social media. Let’s take a look at some very recent incidents.
The first one is the lady who came out of her apartment to shut down the 8-year-old selling water. Her complaint was the child was being too loud and did not have a permit to sell water on “her property.” The lady acted as if she was calling the police; the little girl’s mother was nearby and yes, she had her phone equipped with a camera. The whole thing went viral and long story short, the lady who complained resigned from her job as CEO of a cannabis company and was publicly shamed. The good news; a Good Samaritan bought the little girl 4 tickets for Disney. Wow! Look how that worked out.
How about a few local stories. Did you hear the one about the police officer who was complaining about the people protesting? Allegedly he made some disparaging remarks about the protesters on his Facebook page. You might be thinking, what about freedom of speech? Yes, you are absolutely right about freedom of speech but if you are employed by a company or entity with a “code of ethics” you have to abide by that and your company can call you on your words, deeds or actions. That officer is now on desk duty and his comments are being researched. So be careful what you say and where you say it unless you are self-employed. Oops, your business can be shut down and put in the spotlight in a negative fashion.
Now let’s move on to the mayor of Arnold, Pa. Reportedly she went on social media and said that powerful water hoses should be used on the group protesting the murder of Antwon Rose II. She also said that none of the protestors have jobs and that is why they have time to protest. All of a sudden Mayor Peconi is not available, her Facebook page has been shut down. She is being asked to resign by some while others are hoping she will apologize. Why would you want an insincere apology? She appeared to mean what she said on social media. I sure wish someone would stand behind their remarks. Make a statement and then stand up with your chest poked out in your best Robin Harris voice and say, “Yeah I said it.” Own it! Don’t turn tail and run, admit it.
In short, people, there are cameras everywhere and thank goodness there was one in the location where the North Braddock shooting took place. If that camera had not have been there this case would still be open or the outcome might be very different. Smile! You’re on Candid Camera.
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