Each and every week (Aug. 1)


Last week I had two discussions about my column. I was sitting next to a lady at the Hazlett Theatre and she asked me how my sister was doing. I asked her did she know my sister. She said no but she noticed from time to time I mention my sister in my column. Now that is a reader. First of all I was flattered that she reads the New Pittsburgh Courier and my column and then remembers what she reads. We had a good time talking during the play; I happened to go alone and had fun talking to strangers sitting next to me.
Earlier in the afternoon I was at a fashion show in Clairton and ran into a model that I see rather often and I happened to ask them if they saw a recent issue of the New Pittsburgh Courier that featured the show they were in. They said no that they didn’t think the story ran yet and they were disappointed that they missed it. I’m always curious what drives people to buy the paper. For some it’s only to see their picture or pictures of friends. Many are driven by the front-page stories while others love the columns. It may be because I work for the paper but I think Black people in Pittsburgh should buy it each and every week. Of course I am biased but remember what happened when our beloved radio station went silent? Everyone whined and cried, “we don’t have a radio station.” I would hate to see that happen to “our” newspaper.
If you don’t like reading a physical paper you can go online and read it as well. That is what I did when that model wanted to see the story that ran several weeks ago. I took my phone out of my purse and opened newpittsburghcourier.com and showed them the story. They were actually surprised that they could see it online. And then there is that question that is always asked, “Where do I buy it?” You can buy it in most Giant Eagle stores especially if you live in the east. There are quite a few gas stations that carry it and newsstands as well. But why not get a subscription and have it come straight to your home. A subscription makes a nice gift for someone who is moving out of the city—perhaps that snow bird or someone leaving for college or a new job. People do get homesick and they like to see what is happening back in the “burgh.” Sometimes those out-of town subscription holders tell me about stories in the paper that I missed; they seem to read from the beginning to the end. I’m sure you can tell that I am a big fan of the New Pittsburgh Courier and have been since we had a “Courier boy,” we bought it each and every week and hope you will as well.
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