Debbie Norrell: Road Trip (Aug. 29)


There are so many places you can go that don’t require a plane ticket. After all of the incidents that have taken place on planes recently, I’m not real anxious to get on one unless it is necessary. I don’t mind driving if the trip is around 300 miles or under; anything over that I would rather fly.
Recently I went to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. I hadn’t been to Niagara Falls in a long time. This was my third visit. The first time was as a child and we had such a good time on that trip, I still have some of the pictures that my dad took with his Brownie Kodak camera. Niagara Falls is only 190 miles from my area, that is a great road trip; however, you will need a passport if you are going to Canada. I have never gone to the New York side so I can’t tell you which is better. Rumor has it that the Canadian side is better.
Keep in mind this area is high on the list of vacation spots. People from all over the world want to see “the falls.” It used to be one of the honeymoon capitals of the world. With that in mind I timed the trip for the beginning of the week. I wanted to be there after that weekend crowd had checked out. It worked out perfectly. We didn’t have long lines to wait in and were able to enjoy the area. A friend warned me not to visit any of the tourist traps while I was there. Those traps include things like the wax museum and a rock star museum. They both looked pretty corny so I stayed clear of them. However I really wanted to visit the Butterfly Conservatory and the Botanical Gardens; both are highly-recommended, but when you are traveling with someone who doesn’t want to go to the same things it can be a little difficult. The things that you want to see and do should be thought out and decided on before you get on the road. It may sound like something small but when you take a vacation why do it if you don’t get to enjoy and see the things that are unique to the area? Who knows, you may not get back to that area for many years or not at all.
There are a lot of things in the Niagara Falls area that are new. There is now an incline that you ride that takes you down to the falls. Also each night there are fireworks. The fireworks show is short, about 10 minutes but enjoyable. They also light the falls at night. I purposely selected a hotel room with a “falls view” and I say if you can afford it do it. It is a beautiful sight to see. You are almost guaranteed a rainbow over the falls if the sun is shining. If you like wine take a ride to Niagara on the Lake for some wine tasting, the vineyards there are beautiful and the shopping is great.
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