Don't let the thread fool you (Nov. 28)


There was a time when I left the house at 4 a.m. for Black Friday deals. JCPenney used to hand out a snow globe on Black Friday mornings and I felt that I had to collect one each year. It was like a shopping trophy. This year I was happy to be in my house. Actually I don’t need anything and I did not see any deals that I needed to wait in line for. I did take advantage of a sale at JoAnn. For years I have held on to a print of Malcolm X by the late artist Jay Allen aka Jay Bakari. It is an odd size and needs a custom frame. This year I finally treated myself to that frame and learned something in the process. I didn’t realize that I needed a UV glass for my artwork so the work will not be faded by the sun. If you have art that you care about, even if it is a print, please change the glass to sunproof glass. This is especially important for photographs. I have a lot of black and white photos and some of them have started to fade and will have to be restored. The best time to replace the glass is when stores that do framing are having a sale.
The one thing that I wanted to pick up on Black Friday was a set of sheets from Macy’s. They had 100 percent cotton sheets that have a 650 thread count. These sheets were marked at an original price of $190 and were on sale for $39.99, I know with my shopping skills I could find these same sheets if I shopped around but I would spend more in gas than what I saved. I have a hard time believing the sheets were ever $190. There were also some other sheets with a higher thread count for less money but once you read the fine print the sheets were a polyester/cotton combo and they were not as soft. So pay attention to the details, everyone. There are actually sheets that have the verbiage “300 thread count” in the name of the sheets and then when you look at the content you will find they are polyester sheets and within days of putting them on your bed the sheets will start to “pill” and then you will have to throw them away or use them as rags. Once you start using higher thread count sheets you will never go back to cheap polyester sheets. I have to thank Oprah for the thread count lesson.
The bottom line is you should check the content on everything you buy. If you are buying a cashmere sweater look at the content before you snap it up and if you are adding new items to your wardrobe try and remove an item when you bring home the new ones. It is true, we really don’t need all the clothes we have; as a friend once told me, let someone else enjoy it.
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