New year new you (Dec. 26)


Are we there yet? The classic question asked by kids when going on a long anticipated vacation. The closer they get the more they ask and then poof, the vacation is over and you’re heading back home with the souvenirs and the bills. That is pretty much like life—you can’t wait until you turn 21, then it’s 30 and 40 and then you start thinking about retirement and that first Social Security check and then you get there and you might say, is this all there is?
What happens on that life journey is up to you, but as long as you are alive and in good health there is another day, another year to do new things and maybe do over some old. In a few days it will be 2019; let’s get busy tackling those tasks we overlooked last year. Did you plan to save more money? Did you save any? If so don’t beat yourself up too bad, find a way to save more in the New Year. What are you spending money on? Are you eating out too often, perhaps buying stuff you already have at home but due to the clutter you can’t find it?
Does any of this sound familiar? Clean off those flat surfaces and breathe. You will feel much better. You know how we always start strong on the first of January. Don’t wait until then, do it now. Remember that plan you had to visit somewhere new each year? Now is the time to research where you want to go and how much it’s going to cost. Will you be celebrating a milestone birthday this year or an anniversary, how do you want to celebrate? Make a plan, put it on paper. What about that weight you’ve been wanting to lose? Make this the year that you find something that works. It may be cooking at home, cutting out sugar or getting in more steps. The bottom line is to take care of your health.
This year I suffered a second episode of breast cancer after being a 29-year breast cancer survivor. I was shocked and saddened. But as my friend Les Brown, the author and motivational speaker says, if you fall down fall on your back, if you can look up you can get up. I’m back on my feet and making plans for the rest of my life.
Ladies and gents don’t forget those annual checkups. Early detection is the key to surviving what can be a life-threatening illness. Take your prescriptions, drink more water and get more rest. Open your mail; don’t let things get out of hand. So many issues can be solved when they are handled early. In short, dedicate your life to you. The “adult kids” and grandkids can take care of themselves or at least they should be if you raised them right. We’re almost there, 2019. Time to get started on you.
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