Things I don’t get (Feb. 20)


My list of things I don’t get is long but today I’ll try to touch on what is top of mind.
Yes I’m back to Dan Gasby and B. Smith; perhaps you have heard that a reality show has been given the green light on the Bravo network. So now we see what all the media buzz was about. Bravo probably told them to shop the story around and see how it would be received or perhaps this was Gasby’s idea—after all, this is what he does for a living, he sells programing. It looks like it worked. I don’t know when the show will begin, but I am wondering who the sponsors will be. The people who have weighed in on social media say they won’t watch it. I’ll watch it for you and report back. Frankly I think this is awful because B. Smith does not have the mental capacity to sign off on the show. Let’s continue to keep our eyes on this one.
What about the Jussie Smollett case? There are two Nigerian men who are now persons of interest in this case. I thought he said they were White? He said recently he would be glad when the perps are caught so people can stop calling this an “alleged” case. Why didn’t ABC’s Robin Roberts just ask the following question: Jussie, why did you still have that rope around your neck when you came back to your apartment building and why didn’t you say something sooner? I know these are all the same questions that many have asked, but you do see how this looks don’t you? It is starting to look more and more like a publicity stunt gone wrong.
So how does it feel now that we are in a national state of emergency? Do you feel anxious or scared? Are you afraid to leave the house? I remember how I felt on 9/11, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to come outside. I left work on that day and stayed at home for a while glued to the television. These “manufactured” emergencies are different. I guess it’s kind of like a television show, the director calls “action” and then the actors do their part, then after they have filmed what they need, they yell “cut.” The whole thing is a mess. 45 keeps bringing forth families who have been victimized by illegal immigrants. Why not bring forth the families who have been victimized by U.S. citizens? I want to see pictures of these people who are invading the United States by coming over the border. If there are so many there must be photographs. I did see one short piece on someone trying to come across the border. Hire more people to work the border. The wall won’t work.
And last on my list, why do the people who are working at the car wash have to change the station on my car? They are only in the car for a few minutes. What is the point?
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