I’m over the moon (Feb. 27)


As I sit here and watch the Blackest ever Academy Awards, I am over the moon. First, to see Regina King go from 227 to the Oscars is amazing. I love Regina King, she is a wonderful actress and then to see someone that I met in person, actually took a selfie with, win for best costumes, my mind is blown. When they called Ruth Carter’s name for Black Panther I felt like we all won.
Thanks to Fashion Afrikana and Demeatria Boccella I met Carter twice and each time she was gracious and friendly. And also thanks to Boccella I was able to meet Spike Lee a few years ago. He was not quite as friendly as Carter but he did allow me to tell him that I was a big fan. He probably thought of the movie “Misery” and turned around and ran—I guess he didn’t want to be hobbled. When I saw Spike win a long-overdue Academy Award I was very happy for him as well.
I tuned into the Oscars just in time to see Pittsburgh’s own Billy Porter on the red carpet. I thought he did a great job, I loved his energy and then when I got a full view of his tuxedo dress I was blown away. And the best picture goes to “Green Book.” I just saw “Green Book” and the movie deserved to win. It was moving and told a real story. I now want to know more about Don Shirley.
This year when the Oscars were over I felt like there was true diversity and the people that won should have won. Yes the Oscars really made me happy this year, but what really warmed my heart this year was receiving the Alpha Alpha Omega 2019 Community Excellence Award. You can see the pictures on this page. When I received the letter, at first I thought it was a request for coverage for their Founders Day Luncheon, but when I got to the second paragraph and found that I was going to be honored I was over the moon. I could not believe it. This is such a special honor. My sister and niece are both members of Alpha Kappa Alpha and I knew they would be happy for me and would come to Pittsburgh to participate in the honor.
When I was younger I never thought that I would receive awards, I thought they were primarily for athletes. I can’t run fast or jump too high so I thought I was out of the running for award collection. My first awards were won while I was on the radio and then I received an acting award and then I joined Toastmasters and found that I could win awards for something that I do well which is speak in public.
I am truly honored to be recognized by organizations in my own hometown. It is really a good feeling. I can only imagine what it feels like to win an Oscar. I just wanted to thank the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha for honoring me.
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