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Can you imagine not watching the news? I can’t but I have a lot of friends and co-workers (day job) that say the news is too hard to watch. Sometimes I think the news has led to extreme sadness for me. I am watching news around the clock and the news is depressing. Just take a look at some recent stories: the recent Ethiopian airplane crash is a big story and like most news it is a sad and depressing tale. To think that new software would be added to an airplane without proper training for the pilots that will fly that plane is unbelievable to me. Could you imagine a software change being made to an automobile and you have been driving for decades, you think you know how the car should respond in a certain scenario and then all of sudden you find out it doesn’t work that way? With a car, at least you are on the ground, but to be in the air with over a hundred people on board and you don’t know what to do is mind-boggling. There is no time to read a manual, you can’t ask the co-pilot because they have less experience than you.
From everything I have heard about the two crashes that involved the Boeing 737 Max 8 there is a lack of training and knowledge. How could someone be permitted to fly this plane without hours of training? I think the public should demand answers. When the plane was sold to the various airline companies, what was said?
This is the latest and greatest and your pilots will love it. As I type this column I’m finding that the pilots received training on an iPad. It sounds like the training should have taken place on a simulator. OK, here is an update; no simulator was available and the iPad training was a 56-minute lesson to complete wherever they wanted to. OMG, I’m so happy that these planes have been grounded. I’m looking into traveling by train in the near future.
In more disturbing news is the loss of lives in New Zealand. Another senseless, hate-filled mass shooting. I just don’t get it, if you don’t like a group of people, stay away from them. The world is big enough that you don’t have to bother with the people you don’t care for. I guess this is where the mental illness comes into play; people don’t have the mental capacity to realize that they can live their life and avoid the people they don’t care for. Or is the world becoming so small and brown that the haters feel trapped?
And finally, is it just me or has 45 ever stopped campaigning? It feels like there has been a 2020 presidential campaign going on since he moved in to the White House. When are serious issues like the infrastructure of our cities and healthcare going to be addressed? What about the water in Flint, Michigan and Puerto Rico? I’ll keep watching the news, looking and listening for something good to report.
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