Look…you better be nice to ‘MA!’ – Octavia Spencer stars in horror film (June 5)

by Bill Neal, For New PIttsburgh Courier

:10—You can add in all the obvious expletives you want. All I can tell you is “Ma” is all of them. Ms. Octavia Spencer hands in a horror performance that will fit in with the likes of “Saw,” Freddy, Jason, Carrie and the Wicked Witch of the West. Please go see it for three reasons. No. 1. A Black woman is the lead in a horror flick, first time ever. No. 2. It’s good…really scary, unpredictably good. No. 3. You don’t have anything better to do!

:09—Well, the Golden State Warriors, as I predicted, would win the Sunday night Game 2 of the NBA Finals over the Toronto Raptors. So now let’s see what happens as the series moves to Oakland Wednesday.The series is tied at a game apiece.

:08—To that point, for all you wannabe basketball minds that think Golden State is a better team without Kevin Durant, I suggest you reset your meds cause you’re clearly delusional!

:07—It’s closer than you think. Get ready, Steeler Nation. The Black and Gold report to St. Vincent College on July 26. It’s go time, baby. BTW, have you noticed no one…nobody…is talking about the deserters. You know who they are!

:06—Serena Williams falls to Sofia Kenin in the third round of the French Open. Thirty-four unforced errors will do that to you. Being 37 years old doesn’t help much, either. Not to worry, greater days to come.

:05—I am truly surprised that you’re surprised…that your Pittsburgh Pirates are 50/50. That’s been the presumption since they returned from spring training. Given the level of injuries the true surprise is they’re still in the 50/50 race. But, the thing to remember is there’s not a better time to be had than a day at the park. It’s the best baseball park in America, there are no bad seats, the food is the food, and it’s baseball. C’mon, man!

:04—Speaking of baseball, a few things about the late, great Willie Stargell. No. 1. The likeness of his statue at the park is tremendous. No. 2. While you’re loving Josh Bell for the run he’s on, as well you should, remember the path his balls are taking have been traveled before by Mr. Stargell. No. 3. And most importantly, he was one of Western Pa.’s greatest humanitarians.

:03—That being said, mark your calendar for the 45th Annual (and consecutive) Willie “Pops” Stargell Pittsburgh Allegheny County MVP Awards Luncheon (Most Valuable Person) featuring the Connie Hawkins Pro/AM Summer Basketball League Hall of Fame inductions. This year’s inductees include Billy Varner, Myron Brown, Derrick “the Mailman” Gordon, Pete Harris, Coach Ron Bougus, Ty Givner, Darrell Porter and others. Thursday, June 20, all live on “Soul Take Champions Live” sports talk show…Friday, June 21, proclaimed Connie Hawkins League Day in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County…also on June 21, Connie Hawkins Reunion at Sugar & Smoke Restaurant, 6 p.m. until… and Saturday, June 22, at noon, the Stargell MVP & Connie Hawkins Awards at Sugar and Smoke. Call Achieving Greatness Inc. for more information, 412-628-4856.

:02—Don’t remain the only person in town not listening to “Soul Take— Champions Live” sports talk show every Saturday on urbanmediatoday.com from 6-7 p.m. Why, you ask? That’s where you get all the information for the big event.

:01—As usual, I am late to the dance, but…“Game of Thrones” is all that and wings and fries. Mannnn they are crazy, crazy. And when they say heads will roll, they mean heads will roll! Now I get it like all of you got it. Whew!!!



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