Ungrateful (Aug. 28)

by Debbie Norrell, Lifestyles Editor

Who remembers driving a car that they felt was beneath them? I do. Back in the eighties I did not have a car. I had been driving a company car and the company car disappeared when I was dismissed from the job. My mom found a car for me for a couple hundred dollars on a used car lot in Wilkinsburg. I think it was an Oldsmobile…whatever it was, it ran and for a while, got me from point A to point B. The car had a big hole in the floor and you could see the street through that hole. Friends of mine who rode with me dubbed it the “woodmobile” because we had to place a piece of wood under the gas pedal when the car was cut off. If you didn’t put this wood in place the car would continue to move. It was actually quite funny.

I think my next car was my father’s old station wagon. It was an upgrade from the “woodmobile.” My father had passed away and my mother knew I needed a car so I inherited his station wagon. It also ran but in the cold weather the doors would freeze and I would have to crawl out of the tailgate. Just imagine me crawling out of the back of the vehicle in a full length fur coat. It happened on more than one occasion.

This was all after my divorce and finally I got on my feet and bought a nice car. I’m sharing this with you because I was appalled when I heard the story about the young man who pushed the BMW his parents gifted him into the river because he preferred a Jaguar. “Are you kidding me?” I said to myself, this story must be a hoax. It all happened in the Northern Indian city of Haryana. The car was a birthday gift and the young man was 22 years of age. The story garnered a lot of attention because the young man was unhappy with his birthday gift of a brand new white BMW from his father. He physically pushed his new car, into a river. After setting the new car adrift (and cataloging it for social media, you can see it on YouTube), the man attempted to fish it out with ropes. “The son was unhappy with his father for not buying him (a) Jaguar,” police said in a statement. “He deliberately pushed the luxury vehicle into the river.” The man allegedly has mental health issues for which he is currently being treated. Reportedly police are not pressing charges.

I was thinking if he has mental health issues perhaps he does not need a car at this time. How ungrateful some people are. I would have been happy to have a brand new car as a gift. I was grateful for two old cars. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth or under the hood.

Brian McKnight gave his sons an apartment for two years scott free… so ungrateful, and McKnight’s wife gave them jobs in a hospital that would help pay for college. Still, they were ungrateful.


This post was originally published in the New Pittsburgh Courier (Aug. 28)


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