Things that make me go hmmm (Nov. 13)

by Debbie Norrell, Lifestyles Editor

It seems like it has been Black Friday since the summer. As a matter of fact wasn’t there a Black Friday in the summer? I just saw an ad for a Black Friday-type sale. Why can’t we wait for the Friday after Thanksgiving? The fun has been sucked out of the holidays. Stores put up displays for holidays so far in advance that when the holiday arrives the excitement has dwindled. I used to look forward to Black Friday. This year I think I will stay at home unless I see an ad for something that I really have to have, and what in the world could that be. I don’t need anything. I’m sure the stores are pushing the Christmas merchandise so they can get the Valentine’s merchandise on the shelves.

Several people have asked me if I am watching “The Oval”—the answer is no. After watching the commercials for the show it appears that there is a lot of scandal going on in the Oval Office and since the leading lady in the show is a woman of color and we just had a woman of color in the White House, I’m trying to figure out what was Tyler Perry thinking. The series might be good but I’ll pass. Right now I’m enjoying “Greenleaf” and wonder why shows like “Greenleaf” and “Unsung” have not won a People’s Choice Award or an Emmy. I believe these shows are worthy of awards on all levels.

Needless to say I love television, it has been my faithful companion for many years and yes I watch each commercial. Lately I have been trying to figure out the strategy of insurance companies and wonder how they decide on a spokesperson or “spokes animal.” You guessed it, I’m talking about the Emu on Liberty Insurance. Granted I know the Liberty jingle very well but how and why was an Emu selected to be the partner? I’m sure you are wondering what I was wondering, is that a real Emu? Actually both a real Emu and a digitally enhanced Emu were used. It seems that insurance companies like mascots. I’m glad that Allstate continues to use the handsome Dennis Haysbert and the Mayhem commercials are cleaver and well-done.

Aren’t you curious how much these actors are making on these commercials? The two men I just mentioned are in the top 10 of money earners and their net worth is in the millions. The lady that plays Flo in the Progressive commercial is doing very well as well as the “can you hear me now” guy that got his fame in the Verizon commercials. How about the lady in the Pine-sol ads her net worth is about 2.4 million and her name is Diane Amos. The guy in the Sonic commercials is listed in the top 10 also. I have heard so many people made snide remarks about Haysbert and why would he do the Allstate commercials. Obviously they have no idea of the paycheck that comes with a respected company like Allstate. Most actors would kill for that job.


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