Desperate times (Dec. 4)

These times are very hard for a lot of people. Homelessness is on the rise and in my opinion integrity is at an all-time low. In my best Robin Harris voice, “keep your eyes on your luggage.” In short, keep your eyes on your stuff. Not only your physical stuff but especially your online stuff as well.

Recently I got a few phone calls alerting me that people have been getting scam phone calls from my phone number. This kind of information can be very unsettling. What do you do? As far as the phone calls right now I am going to ignore it. I got three phone calls from the people who got the calls and told them to block my number. I also plan to add a disclaimer to my outgoing message letting people know that I did not call them.

It looks like the do-not-call list has failed in a lot of respects. So many people are receiving scam calls daily. These calls really cut into my time. You stop what you are doing, look at the phone and decide should I answer; do I know anyone in Utah or the United States? Many people are getting phone calls from their own number. Reportedly it is best not to engage in conversation with these scammers, either don’t answer or if you do and you hear that it is a fake call, hang up.

Be careful what you get involved in as far as social media and dating sites. Don’t end up being “fried catfish.” That is my new term for women and men who are duped by prospective dates on the online dating sites. I have watched so many people on Dr. Phil and other shows who have sent their life savings to people they have never met in person. Their families are trying desperately to help them and explain to them these people are not real but there are a lot of lonely people out there and all they want is someone to love them. If you have older relatives pay attention to them and try to keep them and their money safe.

Speaking of your relative’s money, this does not mean you are to spend and pillage your parent’s hard-earned savings. Recently I read a story of a young woman who put her dad in the nursing home and then used all of his money to pay her bills and stopped paying his bills. This makes me cry. Yes, I was in tears. I remember how hard I worked to keep all of my mother’s bills up to date after she could no longer manage her account. What kind of son or daughter would do that to their parents? Now the woman who stole from her daddy is in jail.

Be careful out there, people; don’t carry a lot of cash or credit cards that you don’t need. Invest in a good cross-body bag so you don’t have your handbag open on your wrist. Use valet parking when possible and keep your eyes on your luggage.

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by Debbie Norrell, Lifestyles Editor


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