Time is short for the Steelers, and vote Trump out before the body bags start coming home! (Jan. 9)


:10—Alright, boys and girls, let’s get this out of the way so we can get on with our lives!  #1. Stop hating on “The Duck,” he did what was asked of him and fared well under the circumstances. He won three games for ya. #2. True, there’s no excuse for six interceptions in two games. Unless, of course, you blame three of them on the plays called as I did. Many of the plays should never have been called. For example, the end zone throw that was called… and they were running the ball at will.  #3. Where was the best defense in football when needed?  #4. Really…a trick play with a rookie and your running back that was out for three weeks? C’mon man! #5. Right now they gotta go get a bona fide QB just in case, a new offensive coordinator or new play-caller, some electric charges to wake the O-line up and last but not least, a real punter!!! I know you weren’t thinking of that one, were ya?

:09—If you saw the Vikings upset the Saints with the illegal pushoff by Kyle Rudolph in the end zone on Sunday, Jan. 5, you will understand if you hear shouts coming from “Nu Orleans” —“No Justice, No Peace!” Robbed in plain sight. Again.

:08—Nonetheless, here’s how it stacks up. The Vikings stole one from the Saints, 26-20, the Texans beat the Bills 22-19, the Titans sent the Patriots on vacation 20-13 and the Seahawks clipped the Eagles 17-9. This weekend, it’s time for the Divisional Round in the NFL. This Saturday, Jan. 11, it’s Vikings at 49ers and Titans at Ravens, and on Sunday, Jan. 12, it’s Texans at Chiefs and Seahawks at Packers. You’re welcome.

:07—BTW, pitchers report to Spring Training on Feb. 12. Just thought you would want to know how many days you have before you can start complaining about how bad the Pirates are. Sorry but it’s my job to keep you informed.

:06—I know it’s been a long time coming and Lord knows I’ve been waiting to shout it out but “The Lakers are Back, baby!” Thanks to my main man LeBron James. WTF???

:05—By now you know my roots are deeply embedded in Pitt everything, so this is to get you started. Get to a Pitt basketball game ASAP. They’re back! Coach Jeff Capel, former Duke star and coach, has the team playing hard and with a new attitude that shouts defense, team work, toughness and above all, the “we” word, not the “they” word. True enough they lost a close one to Wake Forest this past Saturday with coach Danny Manning, former Kansas legend, at the helm. It was in fact one of those games in the ACC you can and should win. But trust me, Coach Capel is the right man with the right plan for Pitt.

:04—Oh, speaking of the Steelers picking up a QB, tell me again why Colin Kaepernick can’t be the new backup? Why not, he’s better than Duck and Rudolph on his worst day. I am just saying!

:03—Look, all I am saying here is time is short. You’ve got Ben a year or two—maybe, the O-line for maybe a year, a defense ready to tear it up now, three good receivers, a very good return man and running backs in Conner and Snell you can play with. I am just saying, again!

:02—Here ya go and you can take these to the bank. Hollywood award season is here so…Best Actor—Joaquin Phoenix— “Joker.” Best Actress—Charlize Theron— “Bombshell.” That should get ya started.

:01—I know I keep preachin’ to ya in hopes that you get it. But you folks are gonna wake up to the truth and why the assassination of Iran top General Qasem Soleimani came while the impeachment hearings were on. Wake up, people!!! Vote Trump out before the body bags start coming home.


DEVLIN “DUCK” HODGES (Photo by Courier photographer Brian Cook Sr.)

by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier


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