Bill Neal: ‘Ball’ of Confusion! And it’s not the owners!

by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier

If you’re a pro athlete, why would you risk playing this season?

Shoutout to my 33 loyal fans that are still out there fighting the fight, fighting the virus and fighting the other virus, aka, the president. And, as one of our nation’s greatest leaders said…“Fight the power, we gotta fight the powers that be!” That’s right, Chuck D. of the rap group Public Enemy.

Before I go any further, allow me to pay homage to my lead in title. “Ball of Confusion, that’s what the world is today.” The mighty Temptations brought you that classic hit in 1970, but if you take it line by line, you would think it was released just last week!

And now, to the double meaning here. I know, I know, you want me to get to it. Just hold on, Junior, it’s not like you got somewhere to go or haven’t heard that there’s a pandemic going on here…

Anyway, “Ball”—any kind of ball—football, basketball, soccer ball, golf ball, baseball, tennis ball…hell, for that matter, anything that rolls, bounces or you can kick it or hit it…why in the world would any professional athlete (and I make my case there first) want to risk everything they spent their entire life to achieve, just to play a half of a meaningless season that everyone knows will be marked with an asterisk? Let’s be totally honest here. Ask yourself, how can any team really claim a championship with all these improvised and bogus rules?

Now I know I am the lone voice out here trying to shout reason out to you people who claim if you don’t have sports, you’re going to die. Well, how ‘bout this; how ‘bout if you’re the person playing the sport and you really could die.

For the life of me I just don’t understand why LeBron or Tiger or Brady or Sidney Crosby or Mike Trout or recent gazillionaire, Patrick Mahomes, would risk all they’ve gained just to play a meaningless season.

I tip my cap to the really smart ones that have opted out and I wouldn’t play nothing but the radio until they discovered a vaccine. And, if you really think I am the lone voice, there’s 100,000-plus no longer with us in the U.S. who have died due to coronavirus. They would give me their vote if they could. Sadly, they cannot.



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