White supremacy is falling down

by Fred Logan
For New Pittsburgh Courier

White supremacy is falling down: Right On!

Right wing reactionaries across the United States danced in the streets and cheered as loud as they could when
the monuments celebrating communism in Europe and Asia were toppled with the collapse of the Soviet Union
several decades ago.

Now, US reactionaries are denouncing as loud as they can the rising popular movement to topple the thousands of
monuments constructed to celebrate White supremacy in the United States.

Everyone does, or should, know these statues and other monuments were not constructed solely to pay homage to
some so-called “lost” Confederate “heritage” of yesterday.

They were also raised to inspire and encourage White racists for entirety.

Without doubt, Dylann Roof, the unapologetic mass murderer of nine African Americans in a Charleston South
Carolina church, was inspired by and worshipped all of the monuments, “Made in The USA.”

They were first constructed during the era immediately after the fall of the brief Reconstruction governments
in the American south. In that era, state sponsored violence massacred untold thousands of Black people to
force Black people “Back Toward Slavery” into grinding abject poverty, and mass suffering under the
exploitation of sharecropper feudalism.

The African American historian Rayford Logan (no kin to this Fred Logan) called this era the “Nadir” in African
American history.

These monuments were raised and reigned as White racist moral and religious support for the Nadir.

They have blessed and sanctioned each and every individual and systemic crime of White supremacy since they
were constructed. Their very existence served to bless the entire era of America’s public lynchings in the
South and elsewhere.

They sanctioned the entire history of pogroms, genocide and other crimes against the indigenous 500 Nations of
the North American continent.

They sanctioned the 1921 pogrom against Black people in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They blessed the US concentration
camps for Japanese Americans in the 1940s. They blessed the state murder of George Floyd several weeks ago in

They inspire and encourage the 24/7 racist tirades, policies and body language of the sitting US president
Donald Trump.

These monuments do not stand passive. They are not some sentimental memorabilia like old trolley cars retied to
some American history museum.

They are frontline weapons in White supremacy’s relentless war to dominate the world.

Each and every time one is toppled it is a resounding victory for all of the sworn enemies of White supremacy.
Right on!

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