Highland Park Tennis Club presents its annual scholarships

LUNDYN WHITE, center, a Westinghouse High School graduate, with her scholarship award, presented in August from
the Highland Park Tennis Club.

Joyce Scott, with the Highland Park Tennis Club, is always delighted around this time of year.

It’s the time when the organization presents local high school graduates with scholarships, and who doesn’t
want a scholarship?

ALLDERDICE GRADUATE DAVID MISSRY, with his scholarship award.

Lundyn White, David Missry and Omri Raz were grateful to the Highland Park Tennis Club for their scholarship
awards. All three are Class of 2020 members, with White graduating from Westinghouse, and Missry and Raz
graduating from the home of the Dragons, Allderdice.

OMRI RAZ, an Allderdice High School graduate, with his scholarship award.

“The Highland Park Tennis Club (which has been in existence since 2001 and has more than 150 members) has
always been about giving back to the community in many different ways,” Scott told the New Pittsburgh Courier,
Sept. 3. “We have given a free tennis clinic for the last 18 years at Highland Park….we sponsored a 5K race in
honor of one of our tennis members (who passed away), Dr. Morris Turner.”

Under normal conditions, the organization would also hold a Steelers party food drive, where attendees donate a
bag of non-perishable items, the items then donated to local food banks. But due to COVID-19, neither the
tennis clinic nor the Steelers party could happen this year.

However, COVID couldn’t stop the scholarships.



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