Overtime: The ‘Chase’ for the Super Bowl is on! (Bill Neal’s column)

by Bill Neal
For New Pittsburgh Courier

I’d like to think that I wouldn’t have to explain the “Chase” to you, but I know some of you probably think that Donald Trump canceled the NFL and you don’t even know your Pittsburgh Steelers are playing. Well, Little Johnny, they are playing…and well!

Thus, here is your greatly missed and long-overdue Top 10 reasons your Steelers are going to the Super Bowl.

:10—Let’s get right to the clarification that you’re still scratching your head about Steeler rookie wide receiver Chase Claypool “lighting up” the Philly Eagles for four touchdowns, and that’s basically what they were doing all day…. Chasing Chase! (BTW, it’s the first time such a feat has been done by a Steeler since the great Roy Jefferson did it in 1969.) CC finished with 110 yards on seven receptions, three touchdowns by air and one on a jet sweep in the Oct. 11 victory that took the Steelers to 4-0.

:09—Yep, you know I was going to slip this in. Antonio who? And this does count as a reason why they are going to the Super Bowl. No AB…No distractions!

:08—Before you give me that same old nonsense about James Conner fumbling the football, guess who owns the record for most career fumbles by a running back in the NFL??? Franco Harris and Tony Dorsett are tied at 90. Now, as the late, great Little Richard would say…shut up! And yes, Conner will be a big reason they get there.

:07—Before I get too far along here, T.J. Watt and Bud Dupree are once again on a torrid pace to lead the NFL in sacks.

:06—To that point, this Steeler D-Fense might just be the best we’ve had since the Dick LeBeau-led zone blitz defenses of the early 2000s. They may not have the marquee names, but they get the job done.

:05—While we’re talking about coaches, let’s give credit were credit is due…long overdue, that is. Coach Mike Tomlin, now in his 14th season as Steeler head coach, is without question the anchor of the team and is widely recognized as the second greatest coach in Steeler history behind the Emperor, Chuck Noll.

:04—It’s not just Chase Claypool. In fact, Big Ben has more weapons now than he’s had for some time. This receiving core has just begun to show its worth.

:03—Of course it’s Big Ben…no Super Bowl team gets it done without two things. A great defense and a franchise quarterback. I know some of you don’t really like him, but Ben Roethlisberger is a two-time Super Bowl champion and first-ballot Hall of Famer and clearly the difference-maker; or do you want “The Duck” back?

:02—Oh, my bad! The number one reason we’re going to the Super Bowl??? We’re the Pittsburgh Steelers mmmaaannn…That’s what we do! (count-em—six)

:01—If you don’t know by now, something is wrong with ya. Vote and get everybody you know to vote. Trump and his thugs must go!


CHASE CLAYPOOL had the game of a lifetime on Sunday, Oct. 11, with three touchdown receptions and one rushing touchdown in the Steelers’ 38-29 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. If you haven’t heard, Claypool is only a rookie. (Photos by Karl Roser/Pittsburgh Steelers)


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