Local organization I Am Whole helps homeless women during the Christmas Season

“I AM WHOLE” is a Christian-based, nonprofit mentoring organization in the Pittsburgh region that’s committed to reaching, mentoring and empowering young women ages 15-25.

The organization helps transform women from hopelessness to the hope of Christ. The organization’s five core values are: Love, Family, Character, Value, and Hope.

The organization on Dec. 19, 2020, collected items donated from the public, which were given to homeless women. Courier photographer J.L. Martello captured the event in pictures.

KYM WOOD from Highland Park donated several coats.

LISHA LOGAN from Wilkinsburg, giving bags of women supplies to the young ladies helping with collecting the items.

CARRIE BROWN-WILLIAMS, giving bags of women supplies.

MARILYN HORNSBY, founder and CEO of I Am Whole, with the items that the organization collected for homeless women.


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