Nxt Level Consulting Aims to Elevate Your Professional Success

322 North Shore Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone: (888) 795-3835

Like many others in the country, Amber Benjamin did not know what to expect when news of the pandemic first broke.
“I was sick with worry about what people were going to do. Everyone was out of work, businesses were shut down, and we didn’t know what was next,” said Benjamin.
She knew she wanted to help but wasn’t sure how until she helped her son transition from working in the foodservice industry to working for Verizon Wireless.
“He was able to get employment during the pandemic, and I said, that’s how I can help. I can assist those that are out of work get resume ready, interview ready, professional etiquette ready.”
From that, Nxt Level Consulting LLC was birthed. Nxt Level Consulting provides resume assistance, interview preparation, business capability statements, marketing content for social media, and even slogan writing services.
Benjamin understands that the clients she services may not have a lot to spend and accommodates the need.
“I keep my costs at a very affordable rate because first and foremost, I just want to make sure our people are ready.”
In just over six months of operation, Benjamin is ecstatic with the results she has received.
“I have helped 54 percent of the clients I delivered resumes to last year get gainful employment, and I have 5-star reviews on Google. The feedback is what has allowed me to grow.”
She enjoys being a resource to improve people’s lives.
“The most joy [for me] is in helping people,” said Benjamin. “When I check in on my clients, and they tell me, Amber, I got the job or have an interview, that’s the joy I get. Before, I was up with worry. Now I can sleep peacefully knowing that I’m making an impact.”

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