Field Negro: The Snickers defense

Tonight my racism chase takes me to the state of Oklahoma. It’s a state that has been trying its hardest to out do the likes of  Mississippi when it comes to ignorance and racism of late. 

 I am sure you all have heard the story by now about the high school basketball announcer who dropped the n word when referencing a bunch of high school girls because they had the courage to show the world that they stood (or in this case kneeled) for something.

  “They’re kneeling? F***ing n*****s. I hope Norman gets their ass kicked … F*** them. I hope they lose.

“Come on Midwest City. They’re going to kneel like that? Hell no.

“Did they even salute the flag? F***ing n*****s.”

That’s what the youth pastor and self professed man of God said about a bunch of girls playing a high school basketball game. And not enough is being made of the other man in the booth, who chose to listen to his diatribe and say nothing. He is just as much of a racist in my book. 

This is all bad, of course, but probably the craziest part of this story is that the man actually blamed his racism on his diabetes. (The old sugar made me do it defense.) Now I have heard a lot of excuses for racism—- from work pressure to just being naive, but I have never heard racism blamed on a physical condition. It’s like that Snickers commercial where the actor isn’t himself until he has had a Snickers bar. It works the same way with racists, they have to get their game face on and prepare themselves before going out into the world and holding their racist impulses in check. One little thing can trigger it like it did for Mr. Rowan one night at a girl’s basketball game in Oklahoma. It might be hunger or a sugar spike. Or, just seeing black people exercise their God given right to do something.

Anyway, as is to be expected, there was an apology from Mr. Rowan. 

“I, Matt Rowan, on Thursday, March 11, 2021, most regrettably made some statements that cannot be taken back….While the comments I made would certainly indicate that I am a racist, I am not, I have never considered myself to be racist, and in short cannot explain why I made these comments.” 

I, Field Negro, am a vegetarian, and while the steak dinner I just ate would certainly indicate that I like meat. I do not consider myself to be a meat eater. 

Give me a break!

Here is hoping that this man never calls another game in his miserable career. Although I’m sure that it won’t stop him from making a living. Watch for a paid guest host gig for him on FOX NEWS really soon. 

Don’t laugh. It worked for Mark Fuhrman.


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