Field Negro: America has a gun problem.

As the gun violence epidemic rages in America, there is a small segment of our population who insist on making guns a part of the American DNA when it shouldn’t be so. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution has become the most important amendment of all. It has certainly become way more important than the Fifteenth Amendment to those on the right. 
Think about this for a minute. They actually want to make it harder for you to vote than to own a gun. And not just any gun. We are about taking high powered assault weapons with the capacity to do some serious damage. 

As the pandemic comes to an end and Americans start trying to get back to their normal lives, we are reminded what are normal was before COVID-19 came at us with a vengeance.  Our normal as it relates to gun violence and the carnage it brought us was not good, and we are back to where we started before this virus hit: Mass killings on a daily basis. 

In truth, in many inner cities across the country, it never left. In fact, it seemed to have gotten worse. Here in Philly children are being murdered by other children in alarming numbers, and city leaders and those in law enforcement seem to have no answers. Guns are everywhere. These little urban terrorists in Philly can get a gun quicker than they can a bicycle or a baseball glove, and they are not afraid to let you know it. They will “pop off” at the slightest diss or internet trolling. Beefs that used to be settled with fists or other means now have deadly consequences for all involved. I suspect that this doesn’t matter to politicians and those on the right, because these are just black boys killing other black boys, and they live far from the rest of us “decent law abiding citizens”. But the easy access to guns doesn’t only make life miserable and unpredictable for those poor people living in the hood. What happens when the suddenness and unpredictability of  gun violence starts affecting the rest  of us?    

This week 18 people lost their lives to mass shootings while they tried to go about their everyday lives. Americans realized that it could have been any of “us”, and they were once again outraged.

Sadly, we all know that all the outrage in the world will not change things. If twenty children getting slaughtered at an elementary school won’t allow us to muster the political will to do something, I am pretty sure that these latest mass killings won’t either. 

But hey, as my friends on the right like to say: “Thoughts and prayers”.


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