Join the NNPA’s Alma Gill and her guest panelists as they listen to viewer mail and offer advice with the help of her loyal following on chat, Tuesday nites at 7PM ET.


QUESTION #1: Dear Alma, When the pandemic hit, my son lost his job and had to move back home. Now that things are opening up, he’s a chef and was able to go back to work. Here’s the problem. I’m a senior citizen, 78 years old and not in the greatest of shape and I’m worried about my health. They don’t give tests where he works and I don’t know if one day he’ll come home and give me Covid. I am on the list to be vaccinated but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m scared, but I don’t want to see my son out in the street. What can I do?

QUESTION #2: Hi Alma, I feel like I’m stuck between and rock and a hard place. Recently, our best friends finalized a horrible divorce. We have a ton of pictures with them from over the years. One is a beautiful portrait we had done of a photo we took on vacation in Italy. Now that they aren’t together, I don’t know what to do with all the pictures. Do I have to take down the portrait at my house? Do you have any suggestions, what does your panel think?

QUESTION #3: My mother has started telling lies to me and my brother and sisters about not being able to pay her bills. She will ask each one of us to pay a bill every month. My father left my mother well off and it feels like she’s stealing from us. And we don’t understand why she doesn’t realize we talk to each other. When I confronted her, she said I was evil and that’s why she never told me who my real father is. Now I’m completely livid. She stopped taking my calls. I don’t know if she’s going crazy or not and I’m not paying any more of her bills. I do, want to know what she’s talking about when it comes to my father. What do you think about what’s happening to me, Alma?





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