High-end events in your own backyard with Just in Time Rentals

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Motivated by the opportunity to en­courage positivity in their community, married couple and Just in Time Event Rentals owners Justin and Brittany Hargrove set forth to create an event planning company unlike any other.

A Pittsburgh-native and former Oper­ations Manager for a high-end design company in New York City, Justin Har­grove says the happiness that results from event rentals was the driving force behind creating the business.

“I started thinking about what my next move would be, and af­ter throwing around some ideas, I landed on event rentals,” he said. “It’s a fun business and I was al­ways running into happy people.”

The new kid on the block, Just in Time Event Rentals, was founded in Febru­ary of this year but has already creat­ed buzz for its sophisticated style and positive customer service reviews.

“We offer an upscale look without the upscale prices,” said Brittany Hargrove. “Our uniqueness also comes through in the way we treat our clients with care.”

Just in Time Event Rentals offers its services to a number of outdoor events such as mobile baby show­ers, church gatherings, weddings, and graduation parties. Customers can also purchase high-peak tents, cocktail and hand-crafted farm­house tables, and mobile bar taverns.

The company’s promises of ‘expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions’ are further sup­ported by Justin’s personal dedication to positive business-client interactions.

“The customer service part of our business is most important,” said Jus­tin Hargrove. “We want them to feel like we’re their neighbor, they’re deal­ing with someone who is easy to talk to, and who can handle their needs.”


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