More than $1 million has gone into Pittsburgh’s mayoral race. Where did it come from?

Mayor Bill Peduto has raised far more money than state Rep. Ed Gainey since Jan. 1, leaning on larger donations, many from out of state.

by Satvika Neti,  Charlie Wolfson and Juliette Rihl 

Tuesday marks the end of Pittsburgh’s contentious mayoral race in which incumbent Bill Peduto and leading challenger state Rep. Ed Gainey raised more than $1.2 million combined in campaign funds since Jan. 1.

The financial records of their campaigns show markedly different strategies and donor bases. While Peduto holds a major financial advantage, raising far more money and pulling in tens of thousands of dollars in out-of-state contributions, Gainey leads in small donations and has more evenly dispersed support across the city.

PublicSource analyzed each candidate’s donations. Most are within Pittsburgh city limits but some are as far as California, Florida and Massachusetts.



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