Get down and dirty with Dirty Birds Chicken

In the world of Pittsburgh cuisines and restaurants, Dirty Birds Chicken is a mouth-watering destination that is nothing short of pure delight.

Shauntel Green is the proud owner and chef of Dirty Birds Chicken, a fast food establishment serving warm, home-cooked meals in the heart of Pittsburgh.

Originally started by Green and two of her cousins, Dirty Birds Chicken was sparked by a family’s love of cooking specialty chicken and waffle dishes. The whimsical idea blossomed into a full business once Green transitioned to the sole owner.

Green says taking on the duties without the help of her family members was a hard transition, but she is grateful for the challenge.

“I don’t think anything worth having comes easy and it’s been a learning experience, but it’s been satisfying,” said Green. “Entrepreneurship is not for the weak, but each day you have to keep going and remind yourself that there’s something far greater at the end of the tunnel.”

Green’s hard work has certainly paid off. With over eleven-thousand followers on Instagram, Dirty Birds Chicken has certainly grown a following thanks to it’s tasty and visually-appealing food options.

The entrepreneur finds joy in knowing that customers are drawn to her food and our returning for more.

“Seeing a customer return and seeing their face, is enough to keep me going,” said Green. “Having a customer give you a shot and come back because they liked the meal, is satisfaction in itself and it’s certainly enough to be considered motivation.”

Menu choices include breakfast meals, pasta, a variety of chicken selections, and more. The savory options are made to order by Green.

Interested patrons can connect with Dirty Birds Chicken through their Instagram and Facebook pages of the same name and pick up orders through DoorDash and GrubHub.


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