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Aaron Gibson Jr. had no idea a visit to the Lone Star State would launch his next business endeavor. While in Texas, he came across a chain of stores that catered to shipping and other office needs.

“When I came back home, it was a thought in my head like we don’t have any of them. I had never seen one of them back home,” said Gibson.

Still, Gibson never considered opening a store until a peer of his passed on a location.

“My friend was also looking for a space, so I was thinking about it for him; he canceled…but I came and still looked at it, and when I walked in, I instantly thought of the stores that I had seen in Texas,” said Gibson. “I was like this could be a mailing service, and that’s pretty much how we got started.”

Gibson opened iShip & Pack for all of Pittsburgh’s business and shipping needs. As a mailing service provider, they make it easy for professionals or families to transport documents and packages in short amounts of time. They are not another large corporation trying to make the process difficult, but rather local to the area and always provide unmatched customer service. They offer an array of services including international shipping, printing, and notary services.

Through the pandemic, Gibson has been able to remain open thanks in large part to the local love he has received. It has meant a lot to the Squirrel Hill native.  

“The support in the community…I mean community as in our community, but also the community where we’re located. They pretty much rave about our store, our customer service, how nice we are, how great of a job we do packing their fragile items…I’m definitely proud of the support that we get.”

So, if you are considering mailing Mother’s Day gifts, graduation announcements, or even need a passport photo taken for your summer vacation, look no further than iShip & Pack.

5829 Forward Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15217


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