Raising customer engagement

Despite the last few years of tumultuous economic times for small businesses, the industry is still thriving and seeing advances as the pandemic begins to subside. Though not back from the brink of financial hardship, many small businesses have begun to rebuild and reestablish their businesses due, in large part, to customer support.

Across the country, communities experienced a massive economic hit as the pandemic stripped critical businesses forcing many employees to lose their jobs and their financial security. As businesses begin to slowly re-emerge, customers are being held as a key player in the revitalization of the sector. Despite financial challenges, product shortages and other business-related pitfalls, customers remained true and steadfast helping to keep may enterprises afloat during the pandemic.

Customer engagement is one of the key drivers to a successful business. Retaining and building a loyal customer base could mean the difference between either a successful or an ineffective business. Post-pandemic, companies are looking to draw new customers in to help expand their reach while maintaining loyalty to established customer bases. To successfully attract new customers and maintain faithfuls, here are some tips:

  1. Stay in touch: Customers are always searching for updates on their favorite businesses. Establishing a method of communication can help to inform existing clients and customers of changes, updates and inventory. Email blasts can be one of the most effective tools in reaching your base. Creating fun and innovative email blasts can help customers to re-engage with the business and stay abreast of the company’s advances. Text message blasts also work in the same way and provides a more immediate and direct method of communication.
  2. Utilize social media: In the digital age, social media has become an invaluable tool in expanding customer bases and reaching audiences around the world. Establishing a social media voice and updating the page regularly will help to keep clients engaged, as they will always see the brand’s name in their feeds. Paying to boost posts can also provide an additional platform to be seen. By using paid posts, advertisers, newcomers and existing fan bases will be able to check the business page for products and messages from the bran’s owner. Use social media to display important messages and keep users engaged.
  3. Host a rebranding event: Allow customers to join a virtual party or provide a disclosed location where shoppers (and their friends) may be able to come out and support the business in person. A virtual setting allows for an unlimited number of customers to get in on the action. Alternatively, an intimate gathering can be used as a customer appreciation event thanking them for their loyalty to the brand.
  4. Provide discounts and exclusivity: Let’s face it, who does not love a discount? Shoppers also like the fell of exclusivity with offers of limited edition merchandise or services. By offering moments for customers to partake, shoppers and utilizers of the business will be able to indulge while supporting the brand.
  5. Allow for customer feedback: Conversation works both ways and allowing customers to sound off on the things they do and do not like will allow for transparency in the business. It also allows owners the opportunity to tweak any aspect of their business for which customers may have a hard time. While in recovery, businesses may have holes in their business plans that can only be filled with customer feedback. By allowing customers the chance to communicate their ideas for the business, it creates an atmosphere of inclusion and may increase the chances for repeat customers.
  6. Harness the power of work-of-mouth: Still one of the most powerful marketing tools, word-of-mouth advertising helps to spread the knowledge of businesses quickly. Delivery of quality service and product to loyal customers is invaluable as they will help spread the word of the business. Many shoppers rely on personal experience to determine if they too will patronize a business. Rely on established customers to get the work out!



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