Boost your barbecue with Uncle Jammy’s Sauce and Rubs

Summer is here, and of course, that means barbecue season is upon us too. Take your grilling to the next level with Uncle Jammy’s Sauces and Rubs. Jamal Etienne-Harrigan, aka Uncle Jammy, has been perfecting his craft for more than a decade. Without any previous experience, Jamal learned a lot through trial and error.

“Some people don’t realize how much studying you do. A lot of it’s learning new techniques,” said Jamal. “You had to teach yourself, you know, just basically what a sauce was and you know how to do everything, so I mean it was organic, but it was also chaotic. Not like a bad chaos, but learning the spices, the tomato mixture, etc.”

So, what flavors can you expect? The sauces range from Smile for Smokey BBQ to a signature spicy Area 51 sauce.

“On the sauces, we went for the sweet that kind of goes with the Midwest and Kansas City that northerners are used to. Then we melded it with the vinegar base that southerners and the Carolinas are used to to try to come up with a unique flavor of our own,” said Jamal.

The seasoning rubs are just as flavorful too.

“For the seasonings, we really went for versatility. All the products have a listed use, but we wanted to make sure versatility was a top thing. We have customers that come back and tell us all the time about the alternate uses.”

Connecting with customers brings Jamal great joy. He sees his business as an opportunity to unite people and families.

“We want to have a good impact on people. We want to be the positive outlet.”

At times it’s hard to comprehend how far he has come.

“It’s kind of beyond my wildest dreams. You can dream, but you never know what the possibilities are. You don’t know that people are actually going to pay money for something you made.”

Next for Uncle Jammy’s, Jamal says to be on the lookout for hot sauce and online exclusives coming soon.



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