Artist Andrea Shockling was in the jury pool, and for two months had to weigh how service could affect her life, whether she could be impartial in the case — and conversely how valuable it would be to have diversity on a jury in a case of such importance. (The jury includes no Black, Hispanic or Jewish jurors, but does include one Asian member.)

As the trial got underway, she took her experience, and her concerns with the jury selection process, to the drawing table.

I was alerted by texts to the shooting at the Tree of Life, Dor Hadash and New Life congregations.
Years later, I received notice that I was called to jury duty at the U.S. Courthouse in Pittsburgh.
I reported and waited ... and waited ... with other panelists.
I soon learned that I was on the panel from which jurors would be selected for the trial of the man charged in the Tree of Life shooting.
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