Achieve School Choice Guide: Propel students defy expectations

BIG DIFFERENCE — Propel students succeed because our educators believe in them. Families value Propel’s innovative approach to learning.

Families value Propel Schools for its individualized learning, small class sizes, and its caring educators.

What does this mean for your child? A daily learning environment that supports them in academic achievement, a plethora of in-school supports to overcome barriers to learning, and exposure to unique opportunities to prepare them for a successful future.

Propel’s K-2 Literacy Initiative ensures our students are reading at or above grade level by the time they complete second grade. Our STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) integrated curriculum is enhanced by partnerships with local organizations such as Carnegie Mellon University and PPG Industries. We offer a free afterschool program that provides scholars with continued learning opportunities while offering parents peace of mind.

Propel’s students are beating the odds and succeeding due to our student-centered focus and relentless pursuit of excellence. Propel’s graduation rates outpace the statewide average by 3 percent. Our students succeed because Propel educators believe in them.

The right school can be the difference between a life defined by limitations or one defined by achievement. At Propel Schools, our educators redefine school and our scholars defy expectations.

Our enrollment process is based on a lottery system. Apply for the 2024-2025 school year before December 31, 2023. Come check us out at









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