Aubrey Bruce: They’re going after Tomlin, and I won’t stand for the race-based B.S.


World News Flash….The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Buffalo Bills by the score of 31-17, on Monday, Jan. 15, knock­ing the Steelers out of the playoffs. In my opinion, Steelers QB Mason Ru­dolph was not a freeloader because he was the third-string signal caller for the Steelers for the last sever­al years. During the final push of the 2023 season, Rudolph ascended to the first chair and led an in­jury-plagued squad to the playoffs. Congrats to that young man.

Now it is time to get to the meat and spuds. Did all of “yinz” guys take a close look at all of the “hamsters on a spinning wheel,” before and during the Buffalo Bills, Pitts­burgh Steelers wild-card game played in Buffalo?


These knucklehead “fa­natics” were faced with having to bear freezing temperatures as well as sitting on the snow, in the snow, and in many cas­es surrounded by snow to watch and root for their team. You can bet Grandma’s last can of snuff that a percentage of these furious fanatics exposed themselves and, in many cases, their chil­dren to the elements just to attend a freakin’ foot­ball game. Many of these adults with their children knowingly and unknow­ingly contracted colds and other respiratory ail­ments because of their exposure to the elements. In many cases, they then returned to the workplace and schools infecting in­nocent people that, in many cases, don’t give a damn about sports. That would be obvious to any corporation that held a “micro-amount” of empa­thy regarding the welfare of their customers or their fan base.

It was alleged that in a few cases, fans as well as volunteers, were paid a fee to help clear the stadium of snow before the game. A few of these people should not have just been com­mitted to their team; in my opinion, a few of them should have been commit­ted to a psych ward, com­plete with meds and only one visitor per day.

The selfish and always self-serving NFL should always have a contingen­cy plan firmly in place in the event of an emergen­cy, whether that plan was implemented or not. The following cities have re­tractable roofs or domes and should have been listed as possible weath­er-related emergency ven­ue substitutes: Atlanta, the Phoenix area, India­napolis, and Minneapolis. None of these cities made the playoffs. If an NFL city has to serve as an al­ternate emergency venue for a playoff game, that city has a chance to make revenue that was not even considered.

Going forward the NFL should attempt to have a pre-playoff deal in place with the airline and ho­tel industries to possibly change flight and hotel reservations for no fee or minimal costs in exchange for free advertising during the postseason. Are some folks drawing up plans in the outhouse as opposed to the penthouse? That is not for me to say, you are the judge.

Predisposed malice with forethought

After the Steelers were defeated by the Bills, Trib­Live columnist Tim Benz wrote an article titled: “Mike Tomlin’s abrupt press conference exit felt calculated. So what’s he calculating?”

As you know by now, Coach Tomlin made a speedy departure out of his postgame press con­ference after he was asked about his future with the team. But because the media is “stuck on stu­pid,” Benz offered up this incredible theory on Tom­lin’s exit: “To me, that felt calculated. I’m sure Tom­lin expected the question, and he expected to give that response. I’m not so sure what the calculation is. But I think I have a pretty good idea.”

Benz continued saying: “That sounds convenient and cozy. I’ve got a more likely theory, though. Tomlin is obviously sav­vy enough and informed enough to know that such a question might be asked given that FOX, ProFoot­ballTalk and ESPN have all aired reports during the course of the week that Tomlin might at least consider leaving the Steelers by his choice and take a year off from coach­ing. That would allow him to—potentially with com­pensation for the Steel­ers—shop his skills to the rest of the NFL.”

I can’t speak for Mike Tomlin, but I am now of­ficially tired of the race-based b___lls__t. How many of yinz think that Mike Tomlin’s abrupt press conference exit felt calculated? For 17 years or 6,205 days, Tomlin has been forced to begin his day by being exposed to lies and propaganda about him and his coaching per­formance based on racist opinions, thinly veiled as information. This pol­luted sports journalism reservoir reminds me of Kremlin propaganda and Donald Trump mis­information at its finest; maybe we should label it, “untruth social.” Remem­ber, prior to Tomlin ac­cepting the Steelers gig, it was written in stone that the Steelers had hired someone else, less than 48 hours before Tomlin’s hiring was made official. This criticism and loath­ing of Mike Tomlin has ceased to be occasional; the vitriol and venomous reporting has now become generational.

When it comes to Mike Tomlin, the only pen that is used to chronicle his deeds is a racist red and biased pen. Remember this flawed and biased analysis? “Mike Tomlin won Super Bowl XLIII only because he inherited players from Bill Cowher.”

Say what???

Please don’t forget that as an assistant coach, Mike Tomlin won Super Bowl XXXVII with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tomlin coached the defen­sive backs. His defensive backfield had five picks; three were returned to the house. Those defen­sive backs were not left­overs from a Bill Cowher squad, were they? Mike Tomlin has been tied to the “journalistic” whip­ping post by the yinzer-in­fected “journalists” for 17 years. Hey Coach, give them a message from “the big Black round mound of sound.” Simply tell them this: “When they visit the brothel of Karma, they will never be allowed to leave without paying be­cause somewhere along the line, they will be tied to the same blood-stained whipping post that they tied you to. Amen.”




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