Overtime: Now let me clear my throat…

:10—I am sure it’s just me, and as you know, I didn’t graduate at the top of my class…I simply graduated with class!  But that being said, can someone please tell me why ANYONE other than scientists care to look up at the sky to see something you’ve already been told you can’t see? I’m just sayin!

:09—It’s worthy of another SHOUTOUT, here’s to the Duquesne Dukes men’s basketball team for making it to the Big Dance. And a grand salute and farewell to Coach Keith Dambrot. Job well done, sir!

:08—We all can shout just as loud and proud for the Pitt men’s basketball team. There may be a this or that for them not making it to the Dance. But a good season to be sure and a great finish down the stretch.

:07—Here are the answers to the two questions I get hit with nonstop. #1. Yes, they got “jobbed” and denied a legitimate spot in the field of 68…that becomes the field of 64!

:06—#2. And, of course, I don’t have info on the inner circle, but if it was my call, I would have done a little “Dancin’” at the NIT.  It’s another opportunity to showcase your talent; players get more exposure, a check for the school, and an opportunity to scoop up a player or two (wink . . . wink!) and last, but not least, school name recognition in the B-Ball arena can’t hurt.

:05—To all you men-haters of the women’s basketball game, please just stop, just stop. YOU’RE OUT THERE RUNNING YOUR “NEVER PLAYED ANYTHING BUT HOOPS IN YOUR BACKYARD MOUTH” when you’re with the boys and then you go home and watch the ladies light it up.  YES YOU DO…YES YOU DO, JUST STOP IT!!!  And I don’t know about you fellas, but I’ll watch women do anything. Hell, they can just walk by me and I’m all in!

:04—Now that being said, we all know that Ice Cube’s $5 million offer to Caitlin Clark is all about the P.R. of it all and I AIN’T MAD AT HIM for it. But in a 3-on-3 against men, grown men…she doesn’t have a chance.  The one-on-one and limited space to move would be tough!

:03—You know that I know nothing about hockey or the Pittsburgh Penguins.  But I know this . . . THEY – ARE – DONE, FINISHED, COOKED, KA-PUT!  I am just sayin.  (By the way hats off to Captain Sid Crosby. For 19 consecutive seasons he has averaged a point a game for the entire season.)

:02—Your Pirates were 5 and 0 (at Courier Press Time) for the first time since 1983! But as you old folks know, it ain’t how you start, it’s how you finish, and in baseball your pitching determines your finish.

:01—Don’t forget the next Champions Live Sports Talk Show, Thursday, April 11 and 25. Food, drinks, friends and talk sports.  Doesn’t get any better than that. Ladies are encouraged and welcome.  Call 412-628-4856 for more info.

:00—Oh, one more thing….my Final Four predictions for this Saturday, April 6: UConn over Alabama, Purdue over N.C. State…and it will be UConn beating Purdue for back-to-back titles!


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