Overtime: The same Tiger…Just a different bite

:10—Here’s a recap for you about Tiger “Eldrick” Woods, most likely the greatest golfer the world will ever know! Needless to say, a great number of you already know.  This is for the many of us who don’t have a clue about the golf world.

:09—#1. Can we please put to rest this notion that Tiger Woods is not Black? And I don’t care who started it, including Tiger.  If your mother or father is Black, you’re Black!  Period, end of story!  If we have to take the “BAD BLACKS,” then damn it, we definitely want the “GOOD BLACKS!” (C’mon, smile a little, will ya!)

:08—Here’s how the PGA Tour lists the Top 10 greatest golfers of all time (and be reminded that the guy who’s #1 just made the cut at the Masters for the 24th consecutive time): #1. Tiger Woods; #2. Jack “The Golden Bear” Nicklaus; #3. Ben Hogan; #4. Sam Snead; #5. Arnold Palmer; #6. Bobby Jones; #7. Phil Mickelson ; #8. Gary Player; #9. Seve Ballesteros; #10. Nick Faldo.

:07—Here are your top ten highest paid golfers all time… #1. Tiger Woods, $120,954,766; #2. Phil Mickelson, $96,572,310; #3. Rory Mcllroy, $80,295,727; #4. Dustin Johnson, $75,417,837; #5. Jim Furyk $71,507,269; #6. Vijay Singh, $71,236,216; #7. Adam Scott, $63,913,326; #8. Justin Rose, $62,399, 291; #9. Jordan Spieth, $61,747,504; #10. Jason Day, $58,832,125.

:06—There’s not much argument about the money aspect of it.  Of course, as is the case in any sport, you will get various opinions on who the G.O.A.T. is, but it’s hard to argue against the facts.

:05—Now, we get to the intangibles, the biggest crowds, the personality, the commercial value, the person who most changed the game for the common man… it’s Tiger!!!

:04—Where has the bite gone?  Four back surgeries, five knee surgeries, two benign tumors removed from his left knee, two stress fractures in his left tibia, a repaired left ACL using a tendon from his right thigh, spinal back fusion, broken right leg and ankle from a car accident. This is not an NFL linebacker we’re talking about here, people!

:03—And yes, this deserves a separate and intentional shout out…THAT “OOPS UPSIDE YOUR HEAD” WHOOPING HIS EX-WIFE PUT ON HIM WITH HIS OWN GOLF CLUB!!!  (C’mon, y’all know I will throw salt in the wound!)

:02—OK, OK, I’ll say what you won’t say… but you want me to say it.  And the man ain’t dead, so we can use a whole box of Morton’s …IF YOU’RE GOING TO CHEAT, NOT JUST A LITTLE CHEAT, BUT 40-WOMAN PLUS CHEATING… YEAH MON, WHAT’S DONE IN THE DARK WILL SHINE BRIGHT IN THE LIGHT.  AKA . . . KARMA IS UNDEFEATED!

:01­—Speaking of the dead…I could but I won’t. O. J. Simpson dead at age 76.  Man, talk about karma?!?!


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