Investment in teacher training benefits staff and students

(NewsUSA) – Ongoing professional development for teachers is essential to meet the changing needs of today’s students, experts say, and further investment for teacher training is an opportunity to use remaining federal funds allotted to schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During the pandemic, many schools received funding through the Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief Fund, also known as ESSER; any funds yet unused must be committed by September 2024, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

ESSER was an unprecedented infusion of funds to schools, and using remaining ESSER money for professional learning will help teachers enhance and adapt their methods to meet the needs of today’s students, according to experts at Discovery Education, one of the leading providers of educational technology and professional learning to educators. 

“Times change, and the classrooms of today demand new strategies for teaching and learning. Investments in professional learning are investments in the future, as participating educators will learn new ways to help this generation of learners prepare for success beyond graduation,” says Dr. Karen Beerer, senior vice president of strategic partnerships at Discovery Education. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools invested in educational technology to keep students learning in a remote environment. Although in-person learning has resumed, taking advantage of funding to enhance teacher training yields long-term benefits and helps school systems increase their return on pandemic resource investments, Dr. Beerer adds.  

Discovery Education’s professional learning supports teachers’ ongoing development and helps them make continuous improvements to their classroom instruction throughout their teaching careers. This helps them make better use of online resources that are designed to help teachers nurture curiosity and improve student engagement. 

“We know that learning opportunities for each educator will enhance learning opportunities for each student,” Dr. Beerer says. 

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