A. Peter Bailey: Honoring Bro. Malcolm X

by A. Peter Bailey

(TriceEdneyWire.com)—As we witness and experience what is happening today on the continents of North America and Africa, it’s absolutely important to study and act on the serious guidance for unity left to us by Brother Malcolm X. That’s the important way to celebrate what would have been his 99th birthday on May 19, 2024.

A letter sent by Bro. Malcolm on July 31, 1963 to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and several other civil rights leaders including the following: “A united front involving all negro factions, elements and their leaders is absolutely necessary. If capitalistic Kennedy and communistic Khrushchev can find something in common on which to form a united front despite their tremendous ideological differences, it is a disgrace for negro leaders not to be able to submerge our ‘minor’ differences in order to seek a common solution to a common problem caused by a common enemy. On Saturday, August 10th, from 1 – 7pm, the Muslims are sponsoring another giant outdoor rally at 116th Street and Lenox Avenue.

Two previous rallies at the same location, attracted 5,000 – 7,000 Harlemites, respectively. We expect our largest crowd this time, rain or shine. There will be no debating, arguing, criticizing or condemning. I will moderate the meeting and guarantee order and courtesy for all speakers. This rally is designed not only to reflect the spirit of unity, but it will give you a chance to present your views to the largest and most explosive elements in metropolitan New York. If you cannot come, please send your representative. Invitations to participate have been sent to: Dr. Gardner C. Taylor, Dr. Adam C. Powell, James Farmer, Whitney Young, A. Phillip Randolph, Dr. Ralph Bunch and Dr. Joseph H. Jackson.” He signed the letter, your Brother, Malcolm X.  

A statement he issued to African leaders and other attendees at the July 1964 Organization of African Unity meeting in Cairo, Egypt included the following: “Our problems are your problems: We have lived for over three hundred years in the American den of racists wolves in constant fear of losing life and limb. Recently, three students from Kenya were mistaken for American Negroes and were brutally beaten by the New York Police. Shortly after that, two diplomats from Uganda were also beaten by New York Police who mistook them for American Negroes. If Africans are brutally beaten while only visiting in America, imagine the physical and psychological suffering received by your Brothers and Sisters who have lived there for over three hundred years.

“Our problem is your problem. No matter how much independence Africans get here, unless you wear your national dress when you visit America, you may be mistaken for one of us and suffer the same psychological humiliation and physical mutilation that is an everyday occurrence in our lives. Your problem will never be fully solved until and unless ours are solved. You will never be respected until and unless we are also respected. You will never be recognized as free human beings until and unless we are also recognized as human beings.”

Again, the most important way to honor Bro. Malcolm is to study and act on what he advocated about unity and plan to announce what we have accomplished on May 19, 2025, which will be the 100th Anniversary of his birth.     





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