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Ok, I lied, back in February I claimed I was going to quit playing Candy Crush Saga after completing level 23. As of last week I am now on level 123. This is such an addictive game. I decided to do some research on what makes it so gripping. Did you know that Candy Crush was downloaded more than 10 million times in December 2012 across mobile devices alone, and one in seven people living in Hong Kong play it on a daily basis.

So what makes it so appealing besides the fact that it is free? The number one reason is the social interaction. Personally I have started conversations with strangers just because I noticed them playing Candy Crush. I was in a restaurant recently and waiting for the waitress to bring my check to the table, I decided to go and look for her, I found her at the bar playing Candy Crush. We immediately started up a conversation about which level we were on and two others ladies at the bar were playing as well. You can also see which of your Facebook buddies has the highest score for each level.  Number two is variety.

According to Candy Crush Tips, for the most part, match three games play almost exactly the same. deserves credit for spicing up the levels. One puzzle may ask you to remove all the jelly from the board, while another challenges you to get various ingredients from the top of the screen to the bottom. This keeps the experience fresh while delivering something for gamers with different tastes and skill types. The various treats in the game look pretty tasty, if you like candy.

Bejeweled contains precious stones but everyone likes candy. Candy Town reminds us of the old board game Candy Land, that alone is a recipe for success: make us hungry for candy and tug on our heartstrings. There is no time limit with Candy Crush, you’re free to take as much time as you like solving Candy Crush puzzles and this makes the game appealing to casual players that can do without the stress of a constantly ticking clock. At least this way you can relax on the couch, in the car or waiting in line swiping at the screen at your leisure.

It may take upwards of a week (sometimes a month) or more to solve a particularly tricky puzzle (can you say level 65) and this works in Candy Crush Saga’s favor. You may be like me and become so frustrated that you will spend a few dollars to escape from a certain level. This is just what the creators are counting on. And when you are finished with one level don’t worry there are more than 200 plus puzzles to go.

Here are some vital tips: make use of the power of candies combo, clear chocolate squares quickly, if you don’t they will regenerate and can be a stumbling block if they are allowed to multiple and grow. Always clear time bombs, don’t wait. Last but not least study the board and plan your moves.

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