Savor The Last of Summer: Grilled whole fish in 8 easy steps!



Want to maximize the flavor and juiciness in your fish? Try grilling them whole, as opposed to filets.

Whole fish has a layer of healthy fat that insulates the meat, and a thin layer of skin. Grilling it to perfection couldn’t be any easier.

My favorite for the job you ask? Mild flavored and sweet tasting Branzino. With its white flesh, it is absolutely the number one contender for my grilling technique.

It has very few bones and the few that they do have are easy to remove making it extremely easy to serve, and very enjoyable to eat.



8 steps to grilled perfection!

#1 Preheat grill on medium high! In the meantime, Season the cavity with finely ground sea salt, and freshly ground pepper.

#2 Stuff with fresh herbs! Like dill and basil. Include lemon slices, which will help to keep the fish moist as it grills.

#3 Seal in the flavors! Fasten each opening with a wooden skewer that has been soaked in water. Soaking the skewers prevent them from also keeps your aromatics inside making it easier to grill.

#4 Pierce the skin! With a sharp paring knife, make long slashes, 2 inches apart on both sides of the fish skin, so they cook evenly throughout, this also allows you to season thoroughly.

#5 Season and oil the outside of the fish! Rub both sides with olive oil, then season, with salt and pepper.

#6 Grill! Brush the preheated grill with vegetable oil. Place fish on grill, and cook with the cover open, without turning until charred and white flesh turns opaque. (5-7 minutes)

#7 Carefully flip the fish and repeat step 6, grilling for 5-7 minutes, until charred.

#8 Garnish, and Divaour! Place branzino on a platter. Surround with lemon, and lime wedges, and top with fresh herbs. Use a fish spatula to serve.

Pair with a slightly sweet German Riesling. I prefer Chateau St. Michelle sweet Riesling. Its balanced acidity and freshness makes it the perfect pairing with this delicate white fish. It’s also a great wine to sip in the sun, allowing you to savor the last of summer. Remember, food is fun, so play with the ingredients and make them your own!

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