Your keys to perfect holiday cooking!


by Elise, the Diva Chef

This time of the year is all about good food and good company. Family and friends provide the company, that part is all up to you. No doubt you’re already starting to plan where the feast will be and who will be on the guest list.  

Creating a warm inviting atmosphere where love and fellowship can co-exist with candles and maybe a crackling fireplace dancing in the background is next on your list.  You start visualizing the comedian of the family providing the laughter, while others catch up on life events over the past year. All the while the older mature ones admire the kids and how much they’ve grown. But one thing hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice, the aroma of delectable food permeating the room. After all the fellowship, the food now takes center stage and seals the deal of this wonderful gathering.


Let’s talk about good food.

Just like you need a plan to build a house, you also need a plan to cook. My new Holiday Guide is your page by page plan to a successful holiday meal from start to finish.

I always say “people eat with their eyes first”, and “love is what you put in, flavor is what you get out.” So outside of your food just being cooked, think about what will make it look and taste good…this is the preparation stage.

Now this is Diva Chef Holiday cooking 101, so there is much more to cover. Where can you get all this information and more? Just in time for the Holiday Season, I’m pleased to invite you to download a copy of “The Diva Chef’s How To Holiday Cooking Guide”, Holiday Cooking 101. You will find great tips on the main course, desserts, wine pairing, recipes, and much more. Happy cooking to all and enjoy each other this Holiday Season!

Remember, food is fun! So make it your own. As always feel free to hit me up on twitter with your culinary questions @EliseTDC and to download my Holiday Cooking Guide for more visit my website at



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