Lifestyles Report…It is that time again


It’s that time again. No I don’t mean Christmas or New Year’s. It’s that time to remind all of the organizations how to get coverage in the New Pittsburgh Courier.

Most of you have the hang of it. But some groups are new and I just want to remind them of what you need to do, hey that rhymed. I am doing this again because I just left the New Pittsburgh Courier offices and in my mailbox was a request to attend an event that was just two days from the day I opened it.

Well at least I think it was a request. It really didn’t say. The envelope was addressed to me, so I’m thinking someone wanted me to do something, but there was not a request for coverage or a press release and I found the envelope on 12-3-13 and it was scheduled for 12-6-13.

First of all guys I work from home; I don’t have a desk at the NPC or a voice mailbox. I put my email address at the bottom of the column. Here is what you need to do. When you know when and where your event is going to take place, that would be a good time to send out your save the date messages or a press release to me if you think it would be something I might cover or send to the newsroom. Oh and just a reminder, I don’t cover hard news. I normally tell groups that I would like two to three weeks notice for an event but really that is not enough time. I am booked through March of 2014.

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