:10 This just in.  Halle Berry remains the queen of the finest women in the world, as told by “The Committee” a few weeks ago.  After nearly 50 calls and texts and over 500 hits online, no one objected.  Enough said!
:09 Anyone that thinks Richard Sherman’s actions and comments with Erin Andrews after the game Sunday were OK is as ghetto minded and unprofessional as he was.  Of course “They” …across the country think it was acceptable and a part of the competitive nature of the game, but I am here to tell you it was not.  I was embarrassed, insulted and disappointed in his actions.  I think he played into the assumption that some Whites have about most Black men to begin with.  How unnecessary was it?  Show me the tape where Mel Blount, Jim Brown, Lynn Swann, L.C. Greenwood, Joe Montana, John Unitas or Franco Harris did it. You can’t and you won’t. His actions are what’s wrong with part of our culture in America today. Give me old school ethics anytime! And remember, “They” always like to see “us” act a fool!!!
:08 If I was the greatest winter Olympic athlete of all time in every winter Olympic sport, I would not be going to Russia for the Olympic games! Now I am all for standing up to terrorists, but the Taliban are talking about a blood bath and Russia don’t seem to be overly concerned. The gold medal may not be worth it!!!

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