NFL is still dropping the ball


(NNPA)—NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has finally emerged from his self-imposed witness protection program, held a press conference, and even attended a football game Sunday. Now that Goodell has come out of hiding, it is not clear that the NFL is any closer to getting it right, as he keeps putting it, than it was when it dropped the ball in handling Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension from the league.
Goodell’s long overdue news conference proved only that he had his talking points down and would repeat them at every opportunity.
“I’m not satisfied with the way we’ve handled it from the get-go. As I told you, and this statement indicates, I made a mistake…”
“We acknowledge the mistake, my mistake. And we said we’re going to do better moving forward …”
“I let myself down. I let everybody else down. And for that I’m sorry as I mentioned earlier. That’s what we’re going to correct and that’s what we’re going to fix…”
Despite a well-scripted news conference, the NFL has not been able to contain some extremely damaging disclosures. ESPN “Outside the Lines” has produced an explosive exposé that undercuts Goodell’s credibility, the very thing he has desperately been trying to restore.

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