Romeo blasted for bragging about having White girlfriend

Romeo knew exactly what he was doing when he decided not only to post a photo of his new girlfriend, a Caucasian, but to predict what he thought the fallout would be.
The son of rapper Mater P, and a former collegiate basketball player, Romeo had this to say, which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do:
“That face you make when you take a selfie w/your white gf and you thinking about all the racist comments that’s bout to be under your comments lol || Naw but really … just trying to show my boo @toneatam the city (since it’s her 1st time), but it’s cold as hell, I swear I’m not crying haha#NewYorkCity #IDontTakeSocialMediaSerious #JustLive #InterracialDatingIsOk #Its2015 #IJustLoveWomen.”
What possessed Romeo to have the audacity to post such a imprudent caption — as if he invented the concept of interracial dating — is beyond music fans. What ensued is a hilarious exercise of social media users letting Romeo know of his lack of relevance in the hip hop or entertainment game.
No one even cares that he is dating a Caucasian. In fact, the users don’t even seem care about him, period. Take a look:


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