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The Boy Scouts raised a record $110,000 at the Whitney M. Young dinner this year, which was over double what they had averaged. I thought they were dead, or dissolved?
Not really.
I mean with all the negatives about young males and young Black males in particular, where did these kids come from. These were mostly young Black males who must suffer a lot of heat from kids at school and in the community for doing the right thing, instead of hanging on the streets, selling drugs and dropping out of school.
Even though many Blacks, especially young Blacks, see Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts as squares maybe it’s time they wake up to the fact that these are our leaders of the future. Hopefully the Scouts will become even more active and assertive in getting more Black boys to join and become a part of something positive for a change. Something that will help them learn how to build their community instead of tearing it down.
Whereas the average in the past was $40,000 they almost tripled the amount. Kudos go out to the young men and the adults and businesses that worked with them and gave so much money for a worthy cause, but especially for setting such a high example to other young Black males.

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