Field Negro: Bernie and the Blacks.

*Now that Hillary Clinton seems to be doing what the Clintons do, and Bernie “the Socialist” is surging and gaining traction in the polls, it might be time to consider where the Negro in America will cast his or her lot in the 2016 democratic presidential primary.

I know that there will be no Barack Obama in this upcoming presidential election,  but Black folks, more than ever, should be paying attention to what is going on in this country wen it comes to the decisions being made in Washington. The level of poverty and inequality we are facing in our community demands it.

Of course I am only focusing on the Democrats, because we all know that no more than 10% of Blacks will vote for the Republican candidate. I don’t care who it is. (Sorry Dr. Ben)


At fist it seemed like a bad thing, but I must now admit that all those Black Lives Matter folks crashing his events might have actually helped the Bernie Sander’s campaign.

Why? Well it seems that he (Sanders) is paying more attention to Black issues now, and he has gone as far as hiring a Black press secretary and  putting out a White paper (no pun intended) on racial  justice .

He is doing all this while Hillary Clinton is trying to figure out which e-mail goes where, and what color pants suit makes her look more authentic to the masses.

If Sanders is smart he will continue to court the Black vote. And while he is doing that he should try to put a coalition of White progressives and Black folks together to forge a formidable force at the voting booth. He will need those Black votes if he is going to be a contender when the primary states start piling up. We are hearing a lot about New Hampshire and Iowa now, but it is going to take a lot more than  just those two states to be competitive down the stretch.

But that’s enough free advice from The Field Negro. If Bernie Sanders and his people want to reach out to the kid I will glad to tell them more for a small fee.

Hillary, my offer goes out to you as well. Lord knows there are a lot of things that I could tell you.

I take checks.

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