Draya Michele on why she’ll never return to ‘Basketball Wives’

When Draya Michele walked off the set of the VH1 hit show “Basketball Wives,” she chucked the “deuces” to signify with certainty that she will never return to the show.
In an interview with the Hip Hop Socialite, she explains:
Yeah, I’d mentally checked out of it – I’ll never say never. I’ll never go on Basketball Wives again, but I’ll never say never about reality TV. Depending on what the future brings, there might be a place for reality TV for me. If it has something to do with maybe one of my jobs or something, or you know, I don’t know. Who knows? But never say never – I’ll just say never to Basketball Wives.
As to what made helped her make her decision:
You know, I just stopped being happy when I was going to work. I just stopped liking being in front of the cameras, and you know, sitting down and eating lunch with people that I didn’t really like, or people that didn’t really like me, or people that I knew I would be fighting and arguing with the very next week. I just didn’t want to do it anymore.

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